Herbal Teas to Lower Blood Pressure


Finding solutions to health problems is always challenging. People with high blood pressure need answers for ways to manage and lower their blood pressure; this is why we have to discuss herbal teas. Herbal teas to lower blood pressure have been a natural remedy used by people worldwide for decades, the million dollar question is – does it work?

Searching the internet will uncover a wide range of comments, for and against the benefits provided by drinking herbal tea. And I get it, the distributors of these teas are going to speak favorably of their product, while drug manufactures look for faults in natural remedies; somewhere in-between lies the truth. Stay tuned, we will dig a little deeper to see if herbal tea can really help, or is it a dead end placebo for high blood pressure suffers?

What Causes High Blood Pressure?
arterial damage

To understand how herbal tea can help lower blood pressure, you have to understand what causes high blood pressure. The picture to the right gives you an idea of how your arteries become constricted. Plaque builds-up on the artery walls and restricts blood flow. This build-up occurs over time, so the symptoms associated with high blood pressure are many times missed because it’s a gradual deterioration in health. This is why high blood pressure is labeled “the silent killer.”

Now you might ask, what causes the plaque to buildup in your arteries? Here are a few answers:

  1. Stress
  2. Diet
  3. Lack of Exercise
  4. Hereditary/Genetics
  5. Fatty Foods

There’s another word called oxidation, where toxins accumulate in your system and cause blood cells to become stickier; all these things contribute to plaque (fatty deposits) in your arteries.

Three Herbal Teas That Work Best

Let me first say “If you’re taking prescribed medication, please check with your doctor before making these types of dietary changes. Although rare, certain teas can interact negatively with certain medications.”

Neglecting high blood pressure can lead to more serious conditions like a stroke, kidney/liver problems, and even heart disease; this is especially serious when left unchecked. The following teas are frequently referred to as “the best herbal teas for lowering blood pressure

Quality Herbal Tea Benefits Outweighs Cheap Bag Tea When Treating High Blood Pressure

As mentioned earlier, you must pay attention to potency if you’re buying herbal tea for medicinal purposes; in this case we are talking about high blood pressure. The comparison is the commercial tea you buy at your local grocer versus high grade tea leaves. Commercial tea is fine for relaxing after work while watching television; it can provide some health benefits too. But it just doesn’t cut it if you’re treating high blood pressure. loose tea

For your edification we have a picture of tea leaves used for medicinal purposes. You already know what teabag leaves look like, now look at the high quality herbal tea leafs. The conditions where these leaves are grown nurture the full potency for medicinal purpose.

The leaves are packed and shipped to distributors around the world, they’re kept in dry, cool containers – following these steps assures customers of freshness; it’s this process that insures you get the maximum benefit from the tea when using it for medicinal purposes.

More Insight Into What Herbal Tea Can Do

Here’s a summary of how herbal tea works – “Recent research suggests a combination of reasons: Herbal tea has diuretic properties, it opens the arteries, and it appears to act as a natural angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor, which means it slows the release of hormones that constrict blood vessels. In addition, herbal teas boost your immune function and provides valuable antioxidants.”

Good explanation, but what counts is – does it work.

Antioxidants is a main selling point for herbal tea manufacturers. Antioxidants are soldiers fighting the enemy – oxidation (toxins). Green tea, white tea, and black tea are herbal teas with high antioxidant properties. That’s why these teas are singled out as good choices for fighting high blood pressure.

Now there’s another question, can herbal tea alone reverse high blood pressure?

Here’s a quote from WebMD, dated July 4, 2004: “Researchers found that men and women who drank tea on a daily basis for at least a year were much less likely to develop hypertension than those who didn’t, and the more tea they drank, the bigger the benefits.”

The keyword here is “develop,” this means someone who doesn’t already have high blood pressure. We’re not seeing anything saying “reverse or cure” high blood pressure, which implies someone who already has high blood pressure.

Lets also look at one more part of the statement – “drank daily for at least a year” – natural treatments takes time.

Tip! Medications and natural treatments work quite differently, giving natural treatments the time needed to work its magic is the key to Taking Back your health.

Science vs Natural Remedies

Science is an analytical study of cause and effect. Each of us has our own set of health factors that cause high blood pressure.

Science has been of great value in discovering drugs that have saved many lives – no disputing that. We also know that these drugs have side-effects, and lets face it…we have become lazy when it comes to helping ourselves – popping pills is much easier.

Ancient cultures have successfully used herbal teas for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions so we know these natural remedies work. The question is – do you believe they can work for you?


My husband and I both have high blood pressure. We have used Blood Pressure Herb Tea for several months. When the doctor check our blood pressure he is amazed at the difference from month to month, it’s actually several points lower. (No, I don’t tell him why it’s lower).

I am 26yr old and started to have high blood pressure. I didn’t want to go on medicine, so when I saw this tea I decided to try it. The tea has a very light taste that I like, and works. I also cut down the sodium in my diet which helped drastically (of course). I know that my blood pressure has been regulated now mostly because of this tea. When I feel that the blood pressure is high I always take this tea. Also, if I know that I’m going to eat something that might increase my BP I drink the tea before, or after.

For people with high blood pressure, commercial tea is useless; it’s a waste of time and money.

We feel there’s enough empirical evidence to support the validity that quality herbal tea can slow and even retard the progress of this disease. The emphasis is on quality.

Since herbal tea is one of the simplest, most inexpensive natural products you can take to help cleanse your body of toxins, it’s something every high blood pressure sufferer should look at. Your health is the biggest asset you have. We’re not going to tell you that herbal tea is the answer to all your health problems, it’s not. But the health benefits span back thousands of years and millions of people still find herbal tea beneficial for reducing stress, weight control, and yes – even lowering blood pressure.

Skepticism is Good

It’s your body, you should ask questions. I am a big believer in questioning things, especially when it comes to my health – you should too. People are becoming more in tune with natural remedies as they see more and more side effects surface from using certain drugs long-term. On the other hand, I have taken vitamins and other natural remedies for which some have worked and others have not.

Concerning herbal teas; everything I’ve read and the years I’ve been drinking these teas has not resulted in harm to anyone. There are people that swear herbal tea helped lower their blood pressure, then their are others that said it had no affect at all, but no one claimed herbal tea adversely affected their health. It sort of leaves you in a quandary about should you try it or not?

Here’s my take on it: I look at cost and research. Is the remedy I’m looking at for my situation affordable (can I afford it for as long as it takes to be effective?), and is their enough evidence to support at least some benefit for my problem? Herbal tea is definitely affordable, compared to medications, and decades of evidence supports certain benefits for people with different ailments, including high blood pressure. Remember, managing high blood pressure is a combination of things, that together can help you lower your blood pressure. Herbal tea is one part of the puzzle – it’s affordable, it easy to use, and it’s natural.

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